Dennis Rodman Creates World Peace


David Finnegan, Junior Editor

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman has appeared to have brought peace to the Korean peninsula, a region which has been one of the most tense in the 21st century. Rodman was never the most normal guy even as an All-star NBA player. After he retired, he developed a relationship with the Kim regime in North Korea. Dennis played a key role in the recent negotiations in Singapore between the United States and North Korea over their nuclear program. Dennis was not present for the actual negotiations between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, however, he did encourage the negotiations to take place early on and was in Singapore during the summit. He made an appearance on CNN in which he began to cry after reminiscing on what he had to go through to reach this point. He claims his life was threatened and he lost support from friends and sponsors.

Dennis Rodman is the definition of a true American hero. He put his life on the line in order to let the right thing happen. Dennis clearly succeeded in doing so as North Korea has already began their de-nuclearization process. The photo of Dennis Rodman, a 5 Time NBA Champion, 2 Time DPOY, 7 time All Defense First Team and Hall of Famer, crying on national television after creating world peace will forever be archived in the history books.