Junior Book Awards Recap

Junior Book Awards Recap

Ian Turpel, Junior Contributor

This past week, Cohasset High School held its annual Scholar Awards ceremony in the auditorium, rewarding students effort in the classroom and passionate love for individual subjects. The High School awarded 2-4 awards per subject for each grade to deserving students, along with the Junior “Book Awards”. The Book Awards are awards given to the top scholars in the Junior Class by certain colleges which grant scholarship money if the student chooses to go the college providing the award. Here is a list of all the Book Awards winners from this years junior class. To earn the award, one must excel thoroughly in the classroom, while also possessing leadership qualities, an immense work ethic, and a positive attitude. 


Dartmouth Book Award: Matt Lucitt

-Lucitt was also the recipient of the first ever “Membeanie Award” for his historic achievement of completing the entire Membean program.

Holy Cross Book Award: Nate Thomas


RPI Book Award: Tom Olsen


Williams Book Award: Scott Lucitt


Harvard Book Award: Rebekah Crystal


Smith Book Award: Elise Wimberly


Wellesley Book Award: Maeve Humphrey


Rochester Book Award: Rachel Reagan


St. Michael’s Book Award: Turner Martell