Victoria’s Fat Chicken Food Review

“It is the fattest, cheesiest, sauciest, most unhealthy food choice out there, and given the chance, I’d choose it every time” – Phillip Joseph Kellogg


Tyler Mulhern and Joe Donoghue

The audacity for someone to go to Victoria’s pizzeria at 790 Chief Justice Cushing Highway Cohasset Massachusetts and NOT get a Fat Chicken is unfathomable. To fully have you experience the true holiness of this exceptional cuisine,  let me take you on an excursion through the creation of the Fat Chicken, otherwise known as the greatest thing on earth.

The godly hoagie starts its journey at the frier, slowly and steadily crispying up the chicken, mozzarella sticks, and the french fries. As the meat and toppings are in the fryer, the bona fide stud of a cook cuts the roll and prepares it to be the final resting place of the very crispy chicken breast.

Before the chicken is placed onto the roll, the french fries are removed from the bubbling oil and laid onto the roll in perfect lines. The next stage is when it meets his fluffy bed of bread. The chicken is laid to rest and covered with a decadent puddle of delicious premium marinara sauce, and doused in a generous amount of ooey gooey cheese.

After the chicken has been placed to rest on the french fry covered roll, the mozzarella sticks are arranged on top of chicken in perfect parallel lines gracefully. Before placing the top bun on the roll the concoction of food is meticulously covered with the premium marinara sauce that was used on the chicken before.

Now it is time to cap this baby off. Once the top bun is placed on the sandwich it is time to dig into this delightful sandwich.


The first bite of the sandwich has been known to be the equivalent to a fairytale. Once that crunchy, saucy, and cheesy sandwich enters the roots of your mouth all the way into the digestive system, you will never order a different sandwich again. As the sandwich melts in your mouth you taste the divine flavors make you want another one and makes you want to never eat anything else. As you finish the exquisite meal you start to grow tired and drowsy because your body will try to recover from the pilgrimage.


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We will be back again next week with more clogged arteries!

By: Anonymous (Tyler and Joe)


Tyler Mulhern and Joe Donoghue are food connoisseurs, experts in fine cuisine, and affiliates of the Spinnaker newssite. They are also much thicker than you are.