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Powderpuff Preview

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Every year, the junior and senior girls entertain the town with their novice skills of playing football. The 2018 powderpuff game will be held at the Cohasset High School Alumni Field on November 20th with the kickoff at 5pm. The rivalry between the two classes will be put to the test as the girls will prove their speed, skill, and ability to overcome the challenge. As the community gathers in the bleachers, everyone is always beyond impressed with the girls immense effort and hustle. For those who don’t participate, enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate and cheer on the upperclassmen. The boys football team coach the girls and do their best to organize and help their own grade win. Although, with no surprise the seniors always seem to win.

Last year, students were asked to put money towards which teacher they wanted to get smacked in the face with a pie by a studen as a fundraising effort. Coach A was the lucky winner! Stay updated to see what special event they have planned for this year!

Even if you don’t participate in the game, everyone in each grade gets a t-shirt with a unique name on the back. The seniors always wear white while the juniors represent blue. The final list of names for both grades is listed below:





Luke Adams- Boogie Man

Jana Abdelaziz- Janjun

Ian Appleby- Eatin good in the neighborhood

Bradley Albanese- Let’s Get This BRAD

Emily Appleton- Little skinny george

Samual Albino- Dobby

Natasha Arnold- tatorash

Elizabeth Arnold- Arnold Palmer

Lauren Bellefontaine- lechuga

Nathaniel Arnold- Got Nathan on Me

Isabel Browne- izugood

Cole Baker- Caker

Allison Burnett- burn ett with fire

Ben Bernsee- Ben

Chris Campidelli- Campo

Hailey Bestick- Hail storm

Thomas Chenette- Tank of America

Michael Brash- Beats L.A.

Virginia Coffey- West Virginia

Olivia Budington- Air Bud

Jason Conforti- Skellygootender

Bridget Burke- Burke

Brooke Conroy- YoungDumb&Brooke

Hanna Burnett- Thing 1

Matt Cook- Cookie Monster

Lily Burnett- Thing 2

Jake Cosentino- Patty Cake, Patty Jake

Jane Cavanaro- Juana’a Money

Jenna Cuff Moise- Jenna Jayy

Rebecca Church- Bex

Addie Curatola- Daddie

Morgan Cingari- morgi.corgi

Margaret Curley- Curley Fries

Josh Cohen- CHS Most Wanted

Anna Davis- Annamal Barn

Brendan Cooper- Space Coop

Annabel Degrot- Tweedledum

Tomas Crosby-Bell- TAJ

Kyra Degrot- Tweedledee

India Cummings-Myers- Indo

Natalie Devin- Nat my problem

Indria Cummings-Myers- Dimples

Thomas Dockray- tdock

Anna Cunnie- Cunnie Money

Camille Dominguez- CA-Milly-Rock

Joseph Donoghue- Sloppy Joe

Patrick Dionisio- sour patch

Ian Dunkelburger- Dunkin’ Donuts

Madie Donovan- MONOvan

Caleign Durkin- Durkin

Claire Everett- mt. everestt

Katarina Dutton- The Russian Bear

Isabella Farren- Rose

Niels Erlandsen- ?

Lauren Farren- get LO

Nicolas Evans- Hype Evans

Sean Farren- Farrenheit

David Finnegan- david

Ned Farrington- Ned Flanders

Mason Fitzgerald- The Fridge

Lauren Fein- The Feinest

Joseph Fox- Fox

Jack Fitzpatrick- Fitzmagic

Leah Fredey- Fredey Mercury

Jordyn Fonfield- Michael Jordan

Aaron Froio- Fr-Odell Beckham Jr.

Carly Ford- Fordo 2.0

Chris Furtado- Billy Joel

Ally Forrester- Tornado Ally

Mackenzie Galvin- MACKlemore

Sam Fox- Foxy-Clean

Mollie Gilbert- Oh Nelly

Miles Frank- Kilometers

Ryan Goodlife- Goody

Tucker Fulton- Tuckleburry Finn

George Grech- G-Money

Ava Fusco- ava cucina

Benjamin Grimes- Grime Time TV

Julia Gallagher- cirque de soleil

Jane Hansen- Plain JANE

Jack Greene- Greene out

Keith Hendrickson- Fidel CashFlow

Molly Greer- Hot Tamolly

Jenna Herman- Next JENNAration

Jackson Grobel- Eminem

Caroline Hess- Hesstruck

Maddie Grudinskas- MADNESS

Laney Hixson- Lane Train

Josh Hassan- hashslingerslasher

Maeve Humphrey- ALMOST humFREE

Taylor Herndon- spill the T

Abigail Johnson- Johnson

Elsie Hession- LC

Adrianna Johnson- Johnson

Page Hewitt- turn the pg

Aidan Kearns- Daddy

Olivia Hinkler- WinklerWae

John Keenan- 100% Red

Lilly Hoehn- GINGA NINJA

Samantha Kehoe- Samantha Clause

Maggie Hoffman- Secure the Mag

Joseph Kenealy- JoeKing

Caroline Hulverson- HULLverson

Thomas Kierce- FierceKierce

Megan Kelley- MEGa airhead

Rebekah Kristal- Kristal Light

Conor Kenealy- Kenealy Meat

David Lemoine- Lemons

Audrey Kesner- Against All Auds

Brendan Lewis- B.Lou

Ryan Leahy- Saving Private Ryan

Josh Liberty- Liberty

Joe Losordo- Boats and Joes

Chris Longo- Longo Ball

Bridget Macmillan- Big MAC

Maggie Lucier- MAGnificent

Elena Marcelli- Drizywalkin

Matthew Lucitt- Scott

Stephen Martell- Stevie Wonder

Scott Lucitt- Matt

Hannah Mattey- MatteyBRaps

Matt Lund- Captain Lunderpants

Josie Mcdougald- jodie

Lizzy Lynch- Don’t fLYNCH

Colin McFetridge- Judy

Mia MacGregor- hypotherMIA

Connor McGovern- McGlovin

Jack Mahoney- Jack In The Box

Declan McHugh- dermit the frog

Mark Mahoney- Slender Man

Nina Miscosia- El Nina

Thomas Marsden- TOJ Simpson

Jessica Moy- ObliterASIAN

Turner Martell- Pablo Flexcobar

Dan Nolan- Daniel-san

Katrina McCann- Hurricane

Sarah O’Callaghan- Styles

Michael McDougald- McDangle

Reilly O’Leary- Rolo

Caroline McManus- McMANhands

Abby Oliver- not too shABBY

Andrew McSheffrey- Rambis

Kyle Osborne- Big Ky

Michael Milanoski- A Milli

Anna Parks- A$AP PARKY

Tyler Mulhern- Thiccy Minaj

Reese Pattison- gREESE lightning

Lucie Novelline- Lucifer

Brianna Picot- cardi bri

Larry Ogola- Lardinio

Xavier Pollastri- ur craaazy bro

Thomas Olson- Tommy Karate

Sarah Rath- Sharkbait

Bridget Osten- Boots

Sarah Rice- Srice Krispies

Kevin Perrone- peperoni

Jeff Rosen- Jeph Curry

Charlotte Purdy- Bella Throne

Will Seavey- Wilbo Baggins

Rachel Regan- ROCK bottom

Sinead Sheehy- sinaenae

Marcus Rowland- Rowllin’

Ben Smith- Ben there, done that

Isabella Russell- Russell Sears

Greg Smith- Gregatron


Jake Sullivan- Kung fu panda

Jared Seebeck- J-rod

Noah Sullivan- Sorry.

Bella Sestito- Snooki

Sophie Sweeney- SS Weeney

Courtney Shanley- see you in COURT

Austin Tarpey- Austin T Party

Nick Simone- Nickeless

Tyler Thomae- Doc T

Cole Speer- Beans

Anna Thomas- insANNAty

Dean Spicer- Daddy Deano

Regan Thomas- REGS

Emma Stevens- Stevo

Gray Thomas- Shades of Gray

Diana Sturdy- D Train

Lieren Vigneau- Lieren Vignyard


Kristina Waegemann- KASHMONEYAP

Sophie Swartwood- Swartwood

Adam Wilmott- Adumb

Henry Thomas- HDOG

Kole Wosneski- Wazowski

Nathaniel Thomas- Thomas

Megan Wong- Wegan Mong

Allison Tolosko- @allytart

Jack Simmons- Simmo

Annie Toomey- Pass It TOOMEY


Vladimeri Tserlov- Vlad the Impaler


Ian Turpel- Insert Text Here


Holly Van Etten- Holly Berry Woods


Torey Vater- Janston


Amanda Vierra- Panda


Lydia Vigneau- Vign Diesel


Clifford Ward- Ward


Elise Wimberly- fELISE Navidad


Bridget Wixted- Bridgeet the Beey


Elizabeth Zheng- ZEN


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