Simple Thanksgiving DIY

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Simple Thanksgiving DIY

Lauren Fein, Junior Contributor

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As we are approaching Thanksgiving break, it’s always fun to whip out that hot glue gun and do a craft to get you into that turkey and stuffing mood! Below are steps to an easy craft that is festive and fun to make!


CRAFT: Pinecone Turkeys





Orange Felt

Googly Eyes


Hot Glue Gun

Colored Feathers



  1. First, go outside and pick a pinecone of your liking
  2. Chose colors of feathers that represent a thanksgiving theme
  3. Use the hot glue gun to carefully place the feathers on the back of the cone in an order that suits you (CAREFUL: the hot glue gun will be hot!!)
  4. Once your feathers have successfully been glued on, you can then glue on two googly eyes on the center of the cone
  5. Lastly, grab the orange felt and cut out a little triangle, this will be your turkey’s nose! Then you can glue on the nose below the eyes.