Super Smash Bros. Review


Nick Evans, Sports Contributor

Everybody is here.

If you have played any Super Smash Bros games before, you know the gripping nature of the nintendo classic. Not only is this the ultimate fighting game, it’s a fantastic party game, making best friends rivals using some of the most famous characters in all of video games. As a disclaimer, I must admit, I don’t own a switch. However, I have been able to put ample hours into this game already.

The releasing of Smash games has always been a big event for me. When Smash Bros Brawl came to the Wii, my brother bought a copy the first day available, and we played until 3 in the morning, falling in love with Kirby. That was 10 years ago, and although the core mechanics are relatively the same, this ultimate version has glown up. With better graphic and quality improvements, this feels like the most well-developed game in the series.

The largest selling point of this game though has to be the roster… you get to play as 74 different characters, all with unique movesets. When you first start playing, you only have a roster of 8 players, the original 8 playable characters on the N64. As you unlock characters one by one, your smash roster builds. Although at times this seemed tedious, it was an absolute great time getting to play as the new characters as they were released onto the roster. After all characters are unlocked, you can play as anyone who has ever been in a Super Smash Bros game, meaning you can play as anyone from 3 different Links to Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series. Of course some characters are better than others, but there is no better feeling than beating your friends as… Yoshi or Jigglypuff.

This game is near perfection while still maintaining the classic mechanical nature. The vintage rock, paper, scissors or dodge, attack (including grab), and counter is well organized, meaning if you can master what your opponent(s) will do, you can have great success.

I expect this game to stay around for ages. I alluded to quality changes earlier, so I think I should let you know what I mean. The first point of improved quality is the option to set your settings. In previous Smash games, the default setting is a two and a half minute match, no stock… WHICH NOBODY USES. The amount of times I have opened a Smash game and then had to exit due to this idiocracy was larger than I would like to admit. In Smash Ultimate, you are able to have your settings locked (I prefer 3 stock 7 minutes… but that’s just me). This little change just shows how much Nintendo is listening to the fans on what they want.

When I am just sitting in class, or at my house alone, all I can think of is playing this game. When I am playing the game with friends, the phrase “just one more round” comes out to many times, as playing for two hours turns into five with ease.

This game one of the best of the year.