Mindful Mornings With Ms. Berkowitz

“Mindful Mornings with Ms. Berkowitz has been one of the most incredible and life changing experiences I have ever gone through at Cohasset High School” - Anonymous


David Finnegan, Senior Editor

In an environment where one must maintain their mental health, Mindful Mornings provides plenty of relief for all your problems.

The sessions begin with the ringing of a bell.. “Dong, dong, dong”… This is the commencement of the activity, this is when you know it’s time to get going. Various stretching exercises and moments of thought are provided in order to secure yourself a morning of mindfulness.

As you close your eyes and meditate, Ms. Berkowitz takes you on a spiritual journey where you can’t help but get lost.

As an attendee of mindful mornings since June of last year, I can say with fulfilled confidence that Mindful Mornings provided me with a substantial amount of energy that made me excited and rejuvenated for school. I strongly recommend everyone indulges in a session of Mindful Mornings in order to not only improve their day, but improve their life.

Mindful Mornings take place every Thursday at 7:10 in Ms. Berkowitz room in the Art Hallway. I hope to see some new faces their at the next session. You will not regret it.