Class of 2020 Begins Year with Senior Breakfast


Class President Emily Appleton gives the Senior Breakfast two thumbs up.

Josie McDougald, Contributer

The class of 2020 started the year off with a unifying senior breakfast, very generously donated by the PSO. Accompanied by free bagels and iced coffee, the class discussed the plans for the upcoming school year. The discussion began with talks of increasing our grade’s school spirit through rising attendance at dances, games and other school organized events. The meeting concluded with a collaborative activity where members of the class wrote down ideas about how we could improve the flow of this year. From spring pep rallies to grade-wide Secret Santa, everyone seemed to have many creative ideas. Similarly, we wrote down phrases in which we wanted to describe our year. Words such as community, team work, excitement and adventure filled these pages. This meeting symbolizes the group effort the class of 2020 is willing to give in order to make this year the most memorable yet.