CHS Political Society Booms Under President Grimes

CHS Political Society Booms Under President Grimes

Matt Grimes, Contributer

After the departure of the former Presidents, CHS greats John Keenan, Tommy Olson, and Marcus Rowland (known as the ‘Unholy Trinity’), Cohasset Political Society remained bedeviled by the directionless and attendance-lowering policies set up by the previous administration. However Political Society’s members held in their belief that a new leader would rise up and restore Political Society to its place as the #1 Club at CHS. 

In June, Mr. Luvisi orchestrated the election of Political Society’s next club officers, which had been condensed into the office of President. In the election, Political Society veteran, Junior Matt Grimes, defeated Juniors Colin Slater and William Loughlin, by a slight margin. Admirably, President-Elect Grimes extended an olive branch to his former challengers to help build a new political society.

At the inaugural meeting last Friday, an estimated 30 kids (numbers not seen since the Amby Era) attended a productive and civil meeting, in which many issues were debated and discussed bloodlessly. Grimes, who acted as moderator and participator in the discussion was heaped with praise for his work. “He is a complete and total… leader” said non-attendee Quinn Walsh, who was Grimes’ vice president until the position was abolished. Fellow Student Leader Sean Thornton concurred, stating “he did a good job”. Calder Frattaroli said of Grimes’ performance to date “I won’t question [Grimes’] leadership, ever”. 

Thus Political Society is again the greatest and most important club at CHS; and the tree of liberty is watered for another 100 years.