Boys Varsity Golf Update

Quinn Walsh

The boys varsity golf team has gotten off to a slow but understandable start this season, clocking in with a current record of 3-4. They have beaten Abington and Carver twice. Against Abington, captain Conor Kenealy led the charge, shooting a 36. Junior Dylan Cosentino followed closely behind, shooting a 38. The Skippers won that match by 12 points at home. With losses coming against Middleboro, Norwell, Mashpee, and Abington, the Skippers are looking to rebound.

One member of the team, Will Richardsson, tells me of Mashpee, “They are probably [going to] win the state championship.” He says the Skippers only lost by 7 points, a margin that will please the team. However, the consensus among the team is that they have what it takes to beat Mashpee and other teams down the road. According to Cosentino, the Skips have had “a frustrating start to the season” but says they are “focused on bouncing back and getting back in the race for states.” He tells me of making states, “We are in a tough spot but we can definitely do it. Loads of talent on the team and good chemistry.”All this comes after I texted him, “I’m doing this like an actual reporter lol”, with him responding, “Lol.”

Many on the team attribute this chemistry to the leadership of captains Jack Fitzpatrick and Conor Kenealy.  Cosentino, along with fellow juniors Max Boye and Will Richardsson, seem to have fun on the course, mixing lightheartedness into a sport that is considered boring by many. Boye, who declined to comment for this article, has said in the past that playing golf has been a good experience for him and considers it fun. However, the team is laser focused on their next match Wednesday vs. Carver at home. When asked how he feels about facing the Crusaders, Cosentino told me, “Alright… we’ve had good and bad…but we can… do it.” Looking down the road, the Skippers have a mixed schedule in terms of difficulty, but the thought is that they can win enough games to reach the tournament. Let’s go Skippers.