What the CHS Students Think About Later Start Times

Cecelia Tarpey and Tegan Sturdy

Several weeks ago, the Cohasset Middle High School announced that the normal school day will be from 8:25 am to 3:05 pm in the next year, 2020 to 2021. With this, we wanted to ask various High School students about their thoughts. This poll resulted in about half of the people supporting it and half despising it. The supporters of the new change reasoned that they will have an easier time getting up and will enjoy the extra time to get ready. High Schoolers also said that if it is needed to stay up later due to homework, they will be able to sleep for an extra hour, which will improve their performance throughout the school day and sports. On the opposing hand, students who oppose this change next year also have good reasoning. They expressed that the later dismissal will cause sports practices and games to be finished late at night. Students feel that this alteration will cause them to become increasingly tired and stressed when having to start homework at a late hour. The opposed revealed that they would rather start their day at an earlier time, so they can go to sleep earlier in the night. With the differing opinions about the school start time, many students who attend Cohasset High School either agree with or dislike this change due to their personal preferences and schedules.