ASA High School Tour


Josie McDouagald , Contributer

The ASA High School Tour visited Cohasset last week filling the school with cheer and excitement all while promoting bullying prevention. Sponsored by the United States Marines, four former BMX riders performed various action packed tricks, such as 360s and flips, in the small space of the gymnasium. Since the ASA’S formation in 1994, this tour promotes a peer-to-peer informational meeting about the effects bullying has on adolescents.  

However, many people question the effectiveness of this assembly due to the lack of information and attention given to the MC. Many people believed the tricks performed by the bikers overshadowed the message of the organization’s “No Hate” campaign. The voice of the MC often hid behind the cheers of the students, particularly after watching a jump over the iconic Mr. Sears. All in all, the assembly provided a school wide sense of spirit and enthusiasm while advocating for students to treat others with kindness.