The End of Football and the Coming Baseball Renaissance


Matt Grimes, Contributer

This October, billions of people are tuning in to America’s Greatest spectacle: Postseason baseball. Baseball seems to be in a state of euphoric greatness at the moment. Just in this season alone, America cheered as Justin Verlander pitched his third no-hitter, America gaped like cattle as the Red Sox bullpen was undone by even the weakest of lineups, and America laughed in delight as the much-hyped Philadelphia Phillies finished a hilarious fourth place. However, the same praise cannot be given to the NFL and NBA. Last week, the NBA signaled support for a brutal socialist dictatorship when they punished the GM of the Houston Rockets for criticizing the Chinese Government. Meanwhile, the NFL has been preoccupied with suppressing CTE concussion research and blacklisting players such as QB Colin Kaepernick for peacefully protesting police brutality. The NFL and NBA are failing, while the MLB is soaring. This will not change; why? Because unlike football and basketball, Baseball embodies the American spirit, as if it is the incarnation of America itself.

First, like America, Baseball is free and fair. Unlike the NFL, which has a communist, almost Bernie-Sanders-like profit sharing program between its franchises, the MLB allows some teams to have more money than others. This rewards smarter, more successful teams, like the Red Sox and Dodgers, with perpetual success, and punishes worse teams, such as the pitiful Tampa Bay Rays, with failure and low attendance. This is truly American, and it is what has allowed Baseball to survive so much longer than other sports.

Next, like America, Baseball has a rich and fascinating history. Just as it is fascinating to hear the tales of great American heroes fighting for freedom, it is mind-blowing to hear the stories of Baseball’s biggest players. Players like Jackie Robinson, who overcame segregation by becoming the first black player in baseball history. And Barry Bonds, who overcame steroid addiction to become the all-time home run leader. But if I were to bore you with the stories of basketball’s pioneers throwing stones and mangoes into suspended garbage cans, you would drop asleep, like a man watching soccer.

Lastly, like America, Baseball is present worldwide. While it is the most popular sport in America, it is also the most popular sport in Japan, Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada. Football, if given the chance, would likely be roundly rejected by other countries for its lack of sensibility. Besides, Baseball is a simple game, understood in every language. But at the same time, while American values are present/forced upon the international community, it is still true that America’s version is better. That’s what makes our country and our sport special.

When you account for historical pattern along with current circumstances, it becomes clear that both the NFL and the NBA will not exist within 5-10 years. However Baseball has existed since the 1850’s, and it has only risen in popularity. Like our nation, it’s had its ups and downs and its troubled pasts, but there is also a future to look forward to. I predict that by 2030 we will have our first female baseball player, our first good European player, and the Tampa Bay Rays will face bankruptcy. With all these amazing events on the horizon, Baseball has its future made, which means you are going to watch. Besides, what are you going to do; watch hockey?