More Like Not’Easter: The Fake Storm of the Century

How a storm was faked to keep Matt Grimes out of Student Government.


Matt Grimes, Contributer

On Wednesday, the candidates for Student Advisory Council were set. Matt Grimes, already a student leader at Cohasset, was a favorite to win one of the two seats up for grabs. He had already secured key endorsements from Senior Tech Rep. Sean Thornton and Fmr. Secretary Quinn Walsh; and with hours to go, his long-awaited elevation to Student Government appeared certain. However, under the cover of night, mother nature seemingly would quell his momentum with a Nor’Easter, a storm that tore through the South Shore, sending down power lines and ultimately leading to the cancellation of Cohasset’s school day. More importantly, the cancellation gave other candidates another week to organize themselves, and the wait would ice Grimes’s momentum. Given the storm’s effect, it was assumed that its destruction would be palpable and its presence fearsome. However, Cohasseters woke up to a familiar, surprising sight: blue skies. And aside from a few lone streets, they awoke to clear roads, and they shrugged off last night’s loud winds and simply drove to work. Cohasset High School had a different reaction: complete cancellation, of all school proceedings, including the important election. This decision was met by relief from Grimes’ opponents, notably Tech Rep. Colin Slater, who long sought to keep Grimes from power. It makes sense, as the ascent of Grimes to power would have been dangerous to the Student Council, whose already wavering authority would have been completely wiped out by an election win by Grimes. This convenient event, which helped them greatly lead to rumor, and throughout the day rumor would turn to suspicion, suspicion would turn to investigation, and investigation would turn to confirmation.


History opens the door to a possible False Flag operation. A False Flag is a covert operation designed to deceive a population, while hiding the identity of those truly responsible. These operations are commonly used as pretexts for war and tyranny. For example, in November 1939, the Soviet Army shelled a Russian village, then framed it as a Finnish attack, sparking the Soviet invasion of Finland less than a week later. More famously, in 1933, the Nation Socialist party committed arson against their own capitol building, the Reichstag, as an excuse to suspend civil liberties and freedom of speech. America is not above carrying out these operations either. In 1962, the Department of Defense planned to shoot down civilian airplanes in order to incite a war against Fidel Castro’s Communist Government. The plan, dubbed Operation Northwoods, was only halted by a veto by President John Kennedy. However, false flag operations do not necessarily have to pertain to international politics. For example, in 2011 a Wisconsin Sheriff planned a false flag attack on Governor Scott Walker in order to quell support for Union Protesters at the time. Though Walker ignored the Sheriff, the casual nature of his suggestion indicates that False Flag attacks may affect even our local politics to a much larger extent than we realize. It is not implausible that these plans could extend to the lowest levels of Government: High School Student Councils.

According to the official timeline, the Nor’Easter originated in the Atlantic and stormed through New England in the night, knocking out power for over half a million people. This tweet by Power Outage US shows the extent of the damage.

The map seems to support the Storm narrative, however upon closer inspection this map is laughably ridiculous. According to it, this is the natural path an actual storm decided to take.

As you can see, this clearly was the storm that wasn’t. But this doesn’t explain the wild winds we have been hearing and feeling in the last few days. Indeed, the wind has been harsh, and it has appeared to cause power outages and fallen trees across our area. Although, the evidence for this gives off a shocking air of… deliberateness. 

This image (photo credit: Shaw Hutton) appears to show the destruction wreaked by the wind, yet anyone with even a slim knowledge of meteorology could contradict this “evidence”. Instead of both falling in the same direction the wind was supposedly blowing, these telephone poles decided to clamp down on the road, in different directions, almost like a train crossing gate shutting itself. Therefore it cannot be concluded that this carnage was mother nature’s effort, but rather the effort of saboteurs. 

The news of the cancellation was met by celebration for Cohasset Students, who did not realize the implications of this setup. But that does not mean it will go uncountered. The Grimes Campaign have already prepared themselves for next week’s election, and are only empowered by the knowledge that the powers-that-be oppose their cause. Not only will they not stop, they will wave as they pass them. At next week’s utility block, the voters will elect their two representatives to the student advisory council, and they will decide whether the false flag will succeed or fail. Here’s to hoping it fails.