Why YOU Should Volunteer at Sunrise Senior Living


Anna Davis, Contributer

Are you in need of volunteer hours? Something to put on your college resume? Or even just a fun thing to do in your free time?

If so, Cohasset’s Sunrise Senior Living is the perfect activity for you! From seated-volleyball, to Bingo games, to “Legacy Lunch”, there are so many different activities for you take part in throughout the week. 

Sunrise is currently looking for student leaders to kick start a new Gen-Gen Club, which works to strengthen intergenerational bonds through a variety of interactive activities. They want students to come up with new, fun ways of interacting with the residents to form lasting bonds. 

Volunteering at Sunrise will change your life. Being able to interact with the residents and hear about their lives can be truly fascinating. Going in once a week and seeing how happy the residents are just to have a conversation or play a round of bingo is so heartwarming. If you have the time, even if it’s just for an hour once a month, you should give them a call!

Contact Sunrise:

(781) 383-6300

[email protected]