Cohasset vs. East Bridgewater- Girls Varsity Soccer


Sophie Sweeney

The Cohasset vs. East Bridgewater girls varsity soccer game started with a bang as EB’s  number 8 bodied our freshman starter, Molly Naples, to the ground. This beginning did not shake Molly, as she persisted with grit and determination. As the clock ticked on, Cohasset and EB struggled back and forth for possession of the ball. The first goal of the game was quietly scored by one of EB’s players. Soon after, Anna Grech pulled through with a beautifully placed top corner goal. 

Behind the scenes in the locker room, I interviewed a few players asking “How are you feeling about the big game?” 

Anna Grech responded: “ I’m just really glad I have my left biker short. Also, roll Lady Skips. Mom if you’re watching this, love you!”. 

By half time, the skippers had one goal while EB had three goals.

The second skipper goal was made by freshman Molly Naples. Molly played better than ever as she hustled all over the field, denying EB any opportunities. 

By the end of the game, Cohasset lost to EB, the score 7-3. The unsung hero of this game was undeniably Gennie Littlejohn. Gennie persisted next to one of EB’s most dangerous players, defending her until the end. Although girls soccer did not secure a win, their determination and hard work throughout the game was something to be proud of.