Ned Wins South Shore League Meet and Completes Undefeated Season


Joseph Carroll, Writer



On Wednesday’s South Shore League Championships a lot of quality runners gave it their all over the 5k distance. On the team side for the boys, the race was a close contest between two potential Allstate qualifiers, Norwell and Cohasset, with Norwell edging Cohasset 35-41. Individually, the race was a runaway for Cohasset’s Ned Farrington who won in 16:20 in a controlled effort and completed his undefeated season vs. South Shore League Opponents. The effort was one that he ran alone after a mile or so in the race. Behind him was a tight pack that fought for the top 5 positions with Norwell’s Augustine Smith (17:03) and Kyle Anderson (17:07) coming in second and third. Close behind was Cohasset’s Joseph Carroll (17:11) and East Bridgewater’s Kevin McBirney (17:12) rounding out the top 5. The rest of the Allstars were the following finishers: 6. Graham White (Norwell 17:23), 7. Paul Giovanoni (Middleboro 17:28), 8. Jimmy Grech (Cohasset 17:30), 9. Cameron Curney (Abington 18:02), 10. Burke Mattey (Cohasset 18:06), 11. Christian Hudanich (Norwell 18:10), 12. Adam Montross (Middleboro 18:11), 13. Ryan Martin (Norwell 18:17), 14. Adam Izahk (Randolph 18:25), 15. Aidan Seguin (Norwell 18:26). 

Cohasset Boys Varsity: Ned Farrington (First 16:20), Joseph Carroll (4th 17:11), Jimmy Grech (8th 17:30) Burke Mattey (10th 18:06), Beck Labash (18th 18:48), Gunner Nee (24th 19:21), Robert Hunter (30th 19:38), San Keffalinos (34th 20:12), Ethan Maxwell (41st 20:51)

The boys team will rest the top runners this weekend in preparation for a potentially first place performance at the state meet (12:55pm Wrentham Development Center Saturday, November 9th)

On the girls side the team race was a decisive win for a strong Norwell team 44-93 over East Bridgewater. Individually Shaelyn Gallagher of Middleboro came out first with a time of 22:44 after breaking away from by Phoebe Katilus from East Bridgewater who ran 21:00 and Grace Avery also from East Bridgewater (21:20). Rounding out the top five was a battle between Molly McCullough and Tabitha Weier (Norwell 21:34 and 21:37). The rest of the Allstars were 6. Alexandria Kirkpatrick (Middleboro 21:47), 7. Monica Smith (Norwell 21:50), 8. Vivian Mac (Randolph 21:58.1), 9. Kayla Gitonga (Randolph 21:58.4), 10. Hana Marshall (Middleboro 21:59), 11. Maggie Flaherty (Rockland 22:03.4), 12. Claire Caulton (East Bridgewater 22:03.6), 13. Leesil Gilbert (Cohasset 22:09), 14. Brigid Costello (Norwell 22:13), 15. Jackie Earner (Abington 22:16). 

Cohasset Girls Varsity : Leesil Gilbert (13th 22:09), Hannah Mattey (23rd 23:16), Virginia Coffee (37th 24:57), Bella Cacciapuoti (40th 25:34), Lia Crouch (47th 26:20), Jullian Perrone (48th 26:29), Alex Rowe (54th 31:54), Audrey Boyle (55th 31:55)






Girls Results 






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