It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Cecelia Tarpey, Contributer

Now that Halloween has passed, many students are already thinking about Christmas and neglecting Thanksgiving. I have asked numerous High School students if they enjoy Thanksgiving or if they do not care for it. Almost everyone had said that they are more excited for Christmas because of the joy it brings them. Students believe that Christmas Vacation is a good distraction from school and stress. Christmas revolves around cheerful music, “25 days of Christmas” movies, and holiday baking. What is not to love?! On the other side, students believe that there are less festivities for Thanksgiving and only a short vacation, which generally made people less excited for it. Overall, Cohasset students believe that Thanksgiving is overlooked and that Christmas brings more excitement and things to look forward to!

Editor’s note: The older you get, the more you will love Thanksgiving.  No stress, no gift buying, no pressure to do anything except relax with family, watch football, and eat well. All holidays should be this uncomplicated and cozy!