Fall 2019 Dodgeball Tournament Betting Odds

The offical betting odds for all your gambling needs


Each year, Cohasset High School holds a dodgeball tournament between students of all four grades to decide which group of students can claim the rightful title of dodgeball champions. In what many are calling a drastic change from previous years, the school has decided to hold the tournament in November as opposed to the traditional date of mid to late March. Although the reasons for this date change are unknown*, twelve teams have assembled and are ready to compete for the title. In previous years many students have engaged in predicting and betting the winner of the dodgeball tournament, and for some students, the act has become just as entertaining as the tournament itself. This year we are excited to bring you the official betting odds for the Fall 2019 Dodgeball Tournament in the hopes we can guide your predictions and bets for the winner of the tournament.

Dodgeball Tournament Official Betting Odds:

Team 1: Staff Team

Odds of winning: 1 in 100

Team 2: Lofty’s Ladies

Odds of winning: 2 in 100

Team 3: AP Mother Frenchers

Odds of winning: 4 in 100

Team 4: Ballsagna

Odds of winning: 5 in 100

Team 5: The Johnny Sinners

Odds of winning: 8 in 100

Team 6: The Lads

Odds of winning: 10 in 100

Team 7: The Wolf Pack

Odds of winning: 10 in 100

Team 8: The Claws

Odds of winning: 10 in 100

Team 9: The Pallies

Odds of winning: 10 in 100

Team 10: Golden Girls

Odds of winning: 12 in 100

Team 11: Step-Dads

Odds of winning: 12 in 100

Team 12: Munchers

Odds of winning: 16 in 100


*Editor’s note: Dodgeball was moved from March to November to make way for a new 3 on 3 March Madness basketball tournament featuring students and staff.