Why Elon Musk’s “Cybertruck” is Overrated


Erin Toomey, Contributer


Elon Musk, a man known for his innovations and creativity, developed a new car. Musk has talked about many things, including tunnelling beneath Los Angeles and connecting humans’ brains to computers. However, he is iconically known for the idea of an electric car which would help slow down the process of climate change and decrease the amount of carbon emissions. Musk decided to create a car that is aimed to be an all-electric battery-powered light commercial vehicle. This “Cybertruck” is also supposed to be less destructible in comparison to the average truck. To demonstrate how durable it is, Musk displayed the new truck to hundreds, and later through videos, thousands of people. Musk described the truck as “bulletproof” and wanted to demonstrate its capacity to resist destruction. Musk invited Tesla’s head of design Franz von Holzhausen to hit the door panels with a sledgehammer. Additionally, he was asked to throw a small metal-based ball at the driver’s side window, where it made a visible and injurious dent in the window. However, Musk received over 200,000 preorders for the “Cybertruck,” despite the unplanned breakage in the demonstration. Although in the longrun it may help reduce carbon emissions, there should have been a more beneficial showcase for the car’s full potential of keeping the passengers safe.