CMHS Most Embarrassing Moments

Josie McDougald and Addie Curatola

This week we interviewed CMHS students to find out their most embarassing moments. Here’s what we found out:

Addie Curatola

  • Falling up the stairs first day of sixth grade in front of a group of eighth graders.

Sophie Sweeney

  • Getting kicked out of swim for laughing too much with Jack Simmons, Shane Murphy and Sam Seem.

Noah Sullivan

  • In eighth grade gym class when we were told to shower I said “with bathing suits I assume?”. My friends haven’t let it down since.

Emily Appleton

  • In seventh grade I was at the movie theater and accidentally egyptian-walked into the boys bathroom thinking it was the girls. Coincidentally Declan McHugh was in there and saw everything. Neither of us have brought it up since…

Jason Conforti

  • Last year in marine bio we had brought back a big bucket of sea creatures from the beach. While I was pouring the bucket into the aquarium I missed and all the crabs and fish spilled on the floor. There were random crabs walking around the room for days…