Cohasset’s Most Eligible Bachelor


Anna Davis and Anna Parks

We questioned 3 of Cohasset High’s finest bachelors to find out what they look for in a partner… Vote for your favorite and stay tuned for the face reveals next week! Feel free to leave comments predicting who these anonymous guys might be!

What is the most important thing about you that a potential suitor should know?

Bachelor 1: I’d say I’m loyal and reliable.

Bachelor 2: I’m sympathetic. 😉

Bachelor 3: That I have a big heart.


What’s your type? Describe your ideal girl. 

Bachelor 1: I have no type… anything works.

Bachelor 2: A girl who is athletic, understanding, and passionate about something.

Bachelor 3: Anna Davis.


Describe the perfect date.

Bachelor 1: Alright so first she would come over for a little bit, we’d hang out, go to a party, hang out some more there, then go home, and then hang out again.

Bachelor 2: Something where we could find out a lot about each other. Not just like going to the movies where we wouldn’t talk.

Bachelor 3: I’d say summer time and definitely beach involved… like a beach picnic.


Are you looking for a serious relationship or a casual fling?

Bachelor 1: Always serious relationship.

Bachelor 2: Well.. I mean… I gotta get ready for prom so…

Bachelor 3: Probably a casual fling.


If you could cook one meal for your significant other, what would it be?

Bachelor 1: Fried chicken sandwiches.

Bachelor 2: It would have to be breakfast because that what I’m best at so like scrambled eggs.

Bachelor 3: Spaghetti!


What is your ideal honeymoon location?

Bachelor 1: Oooo Saint Thomas.

Bachelor 2: Some place we both have never been and where no one we know is.

Bachelor 3: Cancun, baby.


Where is your ideal wedding: a beach, a rustic farm, or an extravagant hotel?

Bachelor 1: I’d let my girl decide.

Bachelor 2: Probably beach.

Bachelor 3: Definitely beach.


Would you prefer to settle down in the city or in the suburbs? Or not at all?

Bachelor 1: Suburbs.

Bachelor 2: Suburbs.

Bachelor 3: Suburbs.


Do you want children in the future? If so, how many?

Bachelor 1: Yes, I would want 2 boys and 1 girl.

Bachelor 2: Yes, maybe like 2 or 3. I feel like I’d be better with girls but I wouldn’t mind either.

Bachelor 3: Yes, 2 boys.


What are you hoping will happen after your time on Cohasset’s Most Eligible Bachelor? 

Bachelor 1: I’m hoping to continue my current relationship.

Bachelor 2: Find the love of my life.

Bachelor 3: Meet the girl of my dreams.


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