VOTE for 2019 Spinnaker Skipper of The Year


Matt Grimes, Fair and Impartial Judge

IN the year of 2019, we have seen many people come and go through the Halls of CHS. Some of them were very good or even great. We are giving you, the readers of the Spinnaker, the chance to choose the 2019 Skipper of The Year. It’s set to be a tight race:

Nominee 1: Jake Fox (Ice J.J. Fox, Wrestling Star, Master Janitor)

Nominee 2: Matt Grimes (Elected Student Leader, President of Political Society)

Nominee 3: Clayton Carr (Hydrator)

Nominee 4: Jimmy Grech (X-Xountry Xaptain, Future NBA allstar)


Nominee 5: Sean Thornton (Tech Rep., Master of Technology)

Nominee 6: John Keenan (Leader of United States Army, Political Society Co-President)


NOTE: The Spinnaker (and subsequently Matt Grimes) is under no obligation to adhere to the results of this poll. In all likelihood the winner has been arranged before a single vote has been cast. In all likelihood that person will be the person in charge of  writing this very article. Have fun though.