Cohasset Reps run show at Massachusetts Student Congress


Matt Grimes

Despite missing the first meeting in October, the Representatives from Cohasset, Ryo Nozawa and Matt Grimes, quickly came to a position of domination in Friday’s proceeding at the Mass Dept. of Education in Malden.

Grimes, who was placed on the Environmental Committee, led a spirited discussion about whether a conspiracy existed to raise the Power of the UN through Global Warming. Grimes also succeeded in fulfilling a key campaign promise by adding a clause acknowledging the Vapists in the Bathroom Problem into a proposal regarding Civics-Oriented Curriculums. If the proposal is enacted by the School Board, all 8th graders will be required to do extensive projects condemning the harmful habit that is Vapism.

Grimes, an avid environmentalist, fully subscribes to the theory of climate change.

“Climate Change refers to the rapid rise in global temperature caused by the admittance of Greenhouse Gasses into the atmosphere” Said Rep. Grimes on Friday. “This is a gigantic threat to our society that needs to be addressed now or suffered later”.

Overall, Grimes voted Nay on 5 proposals and voted Yea on Zero.