Cohasset’s Most Eligible Bachelor is…

Anna Davis and Anna Parks

Here’s the answer you’ve all been waiting for… the votes are in and the secret’s out! Cohasset’s Most Eligible Bachelor is Bachelor 2, Jason Conforti!

Although it was a close race to the top, Jason’s mysterious romanticism definitely swooned Cohasset students, allowing him to accumulate a whopping 50% of the votes. Jason clearly revealed that he knows what he wants and is ready to commit. His answers demonstrated the thoughtfulness and spontaneity that everyone seeks in a partner. Jason is fully deserving of his position as Cohasset’s Most Eligible Bachelor, and we’re hoping his time here will pay off, helping him find the love of his life.

I know you’re all wondering how Cohasset High’s legendary heartthrob, Jack Simmons, did not make the cut. I guess Bachelor 1 has not quite figured out what it takes to win the vote. Was it maybe the home cooked chicken sandwich that turned voters away or perhaps the fact that he is “hoping to continue his current relationship” that failed to make him Cohasset’s Most Eligible Bachelor?

Bachelor 3, Cohasset High’s ultimate sweetheart, Patrick Dionisio, was another qualified contender. His answers, although sweet, may not have demonstrated the seriousness that Cohasset students are searching for. That said, maybe it was his unwillingness to commit that failed to pull at our heartstrings. Nevertheless, Patrick is still the charming boy that we know and love.

Thank you to all who took part in this episode of Cohasset’s Most Eligible Bachelor, we appreciate your input!

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