Boys Basketball Dominates Atlantis Charter


Joseph Carroll, Writer

On Tuesday night, the Cohasset Basketball team truly dismantled Atlantis Charter from the start. They jumped out to a early lead and scored around twenty points before the opposition even scored, they played the starters who were clearly a tier above their competition until half where they were up 48-17. In the first half the two main scorers were Liam Cunnie and Jimmy Grech, who had 16 after the first quarter and 21 on the game. After this the starters sat for most of the second half as the bench got the majority of the playing time, and despite this they still were clearly better than Atlantis who air-balled what seemed half of their shots. The other team never lost hope however as the Atlantis coach called many timeouts at points in the game where the deficit was between 30-50 points. There were a lot of other bright spots in the game as Thomas Chenette was a force in the post and was snagging rebounds all game. The reserves showed that the Cohasset basketball dynasty won’t end anytime soon with players such as James Appleton and Josh Burke, who hit two threes down the stretch, playing well. The highlight of the game for Atlantis was their block of a dunk attempt by Jimmy Grech, as Cohasset truly embarrassed Atlantis in their 79-37 win where they doubled up Atlantis. They truly set the tone for a great season and for their next game, which is very important for the league this Friday at Carver.