Carver Basketball no Match for The Skippers


Joseph Carroll, Writer

Tonight the basketball team beat Carver as they won their first league game and started the season out 2-0. The opposing fans were quite loud; even when they were down by 20 one kid yelled “You can’t do that!” on a bad call on us to fire up Carver’s and shouted that Cohasset parents paid the refs.  Cohasset went in to the half up 44-26 and, after a quick Carver run to start the second half, it was all Cohasset.  Jimmy Grech, who had over 20 points, and Liam Cunnie were lights out from behind the three and led the team.  Whenever Caver got within 15 and their fan section was going crazy Cohasset was able to answer with a three to quiet them up. Carver tried to match Cohasset’s outside game but their players were not able to sink their shots The highlight for Cohasset was its great outside shooting that has been so consistent this season. The best part of the game for Carver was making a buzzer beater from half court by number 5 to close the margin to 10 as the final score was 72-62.