Santa is now flying over Russia. Let’s hope he finds Hillary’s Emails


Matt Grimes, Super Genius

Santa, if you are listening, please locate “the emails”

For those who do not know, according to NORAD’s Santa Tracker, Santa is currently flying over the large nation of Russia, AKA the supposed resting place of Hillary Clinton’s Emails.

Hillary infamously kept her emails on a private server during her time as Secretary of State, and then destroyed the emails in a process known as “bleaching”. BUT the remaining emails were indeed hacked by Russia in an attempt to undermine her campaign against Donald Trump in 2016.

No one knows what is inside these mysterious emails.

Since Santa is currently flying over Russia, it sure would be nice if he could put aside delivering presents for a second, and deliver the EMAILS to us.

There would be no better Christmas Gift to America than the returning of the Emails. Santa, please find them now and bring them back to us.

Like many Americans I am currently writing an article in the hopes that Santa returns Hillary’s Emails from Russia.

There must be room in that big sleigh full of toys for a few emails, shouldn’t there be, Santa Claus? Once you get them, please forward them to me at [email protected] I am very interested in what they say.