In Unprecedented Move, Grimes endorsed by God for Student Government


Matt Grimes, The Deliverer

In this year’s race to represent Cohasset at Student Government Day, an initially muddled race has experienced an upheaval in recent days after Grimes, a candidate from Grade 11, was endorsed by God.

Despite having already locked up endorsements from the Cohasset Spinnaker Editorial Board, UPS, Quinn Walsh and Sean Thornton, Grimes was still struggling along with 5 other candidates to break out in a toss-up race. However, God’s endorsement is sure to change that.

“He is the right man for the job right now,” says God, creator of the Universe. “I have all confidence in the Cohasset Student Body to elect the right candidate, which to reiterate, is Grimes.”

Though Grimes won a school-wide election for Student Government earlier in the year in November, no candidate faces an easy path towards victory. Historical precedent also deems that not even God’s support can decide a race; for example, Gerald Ford lost a tight 1976 campaign despite being ordained by God to win.

The race for student government day remains to be defined, as it continues to play out over the coming weeks.