Top 10 Places in Cohasset You Have Never Been To

Fix it shop in Cohasset center

No, You have not visited every place in Cohasset. You do not have a voluminous amount of free time, so much so that you go looking for every place in Cohasset. As a result, we decided to share with you ten places that we know you’ve never been to by going there ourselves. I assure you that you have not experienced half of these places. Without further delay, here is a list of the “Top 10” places you haven’t been in Cohasset.

10.) Fix It Shop

Have you ever been caught in a jiffy where you’ve broken an item that means a lot to you? Admit it, we all have been there. What really matters is what you do afterwards. Do you replace it? Or do you fix it? If one makes the decision to fix it, they would be best suited to visit the “Fix it Shop” located in the the Town center of Cohasset. The “Fix it Shop” not only provides a comforting setting and phenomenal customer service, they provide the guarantee of your product being repaired to the best of their ability. Not only will they repair a beloved item, they can also make keys. These are not just crafted metal that look like a key, they actually function like your original key! Outside of the shop, if one is to seek a breath of fresh air, they can seat themselves in a world class waiting area that consists of an antique wooden bench. In Cohasset, we don’t need to know how to fix things when we have places like the Fix it Shop located in the center of our town.

9.) Glove Up

Many of us like to think we will work out to improve our health. Often times we cut ourselves short by saying “we’ll do it tomorrow”, or worse yet by not exercising at all. What if there was a new, unique way to work out, have fun, and cure the procrastination? Well you, my readers, are in luck! Take a ride downtown to “Glove Up”, where you can workout with a group of your friends with one of their highly experienced trainers. One Facebook review said “I’ve never worked so hard and had more fun at the same time!” and another stated “Can’t wait to come back for more.” Glove Up’s “Punch Fit” classes deliver all the benefits of boxing training without having to jump into the ring. Their 45-minute group classes combine cardio and core intervals, body-weight exercises and punching combinations, both on and off the heavy punching bag. Glove Up is actually the perfect place for kids to work out and have fun at the same time.

8.) Cohasset Water Department

Although the Cohasset Water Department may not be a place to shop or one of the more prime destinations on the list, its contribution to society as a whole is unmatched. The Cohasset Water Department is a location in Cohasset that is not only unheard of prior to this article, but also underappreciated. It provides us daily with a commodity some people around the world may not have; fresh water. Although I would not visit this destination purely for the water department building itself, I would take some time out of my day to appreciate the stunning views or take a tour inside that show us the innards of this infrastructure that keeps us alive, and our hygiene pristine.

7.) Sea Chest Consignment Shop

The Sea Chest Consignment Shop is one of the hidden gems in Cohasset, and yes the pun is intended. Take an excursion behind the bike shop on Route 3A, where you will find everything from the latest clothing, to costumes, to decorations. The Consignment Shop is the perfect place to shop for holidays and other activities. The Consignment Shop is also a non profit organization. When someone brings in an item, and that item sells, 50% of the sales go to the past owner of the item, and the other 50% goes to charity. This leads to my next point, in which you can bring in any old items you have no use for, and make some money in the process. Head over to the Consignment Shop if you want to help a good cause, and get some neat accessories in the process. One persons trash is anothers treasure!

6.) Perch 143

After a hard workout at Glove Up, one might feel the sensation of hunger. In order to fulfill this sensation, one should go upstairs to Perch 143 Bar and Grill. Perch 143 is a “upstate casual” establishment, which serves everything from classic dishes to their own creative modern twists. They pride themselves on their clean, healthy ingredients, on top of being a “no deep-fry zone”. The people of the south shore absolutely love it! Reviews like “Everything was great” and “We will def be back” are common in the review section on Facebook and Yelp. There is a appetizing kids menu along with several High-definition televisions to watch the weeks sporting games. If you are like me and enjoy eating, visit Perch 143, you wont regret it.

5.) Simply Smiths

Do you like to live? If you answered yes, you probably like to consume food. If you are one of the many that enjoy consuming such food, I highly advocate you try out Simply Smiths, located across from the old JJ’s Junction. Simply Smith’s offers fine dining six days a week, which includes breakfast options on the weekends, and lunch and dinner options every day. There “simply” is no wrong choice when it comes to ordering. Start your meal off with a freshly baked popover. If you’ve never heard of a popover you’ve more than likely never been to Simply Smiths, and if you’ve never been to Simply Smiths you’re missing out. The french fries are absolutely fantastic, and are highly recommended. The food is nutritionally clean, neat and “yummy to the tummy” if you know what I’m saying? Actually though, all kidding aside go give it a try you will thank us for it.

4.) Boutique at the Dump

In life, we find some of most important things to us in the most unlikely of places. In the Town of Cohasset, I would consider this place to be the Boutique at the Cohasset Dump. It is absolutely loaded with anything you can imagine. From SAT books to golf clubs, from computers to couches; if you can dream it, the Boutique will likely have it. As a seasoned visitor of the Boutique, I was flabbergasted when I learned some people had not experienced its wonders yet. People bring things to it which they no longer require, and these gems are then marked “free” for people to take. It is the go to location for free books, furniture, sports equipment and so much more. While my co-author and I were researching in the field, we found a great abundance of SAT prep books as previously mentioned. When SATs come around, these will prove to be absolute essentials. There were also some skis for any winter sport enthusiasts. For all of those warm weather athletes, there was a golf club too that would be essential to a complete bag and a full round at the Cohasset Golf Club. The Boutique at the dump is a must go for anyone and everyone.

3.) The Lobster Pound

Do you reside in Cohasset and have a pension for the “Surf” portion of surf and turf? If so, you have likely drove or biked past The Lobster Pound, located on the water next to the Sailing Club. I also guarantee you have never been inside the Lobster Pound. You are missing out!  As a seafood connoisseur, I can assure one that if you are in the market for lobster or other various sea creatures, this is your go to place. The staff will always greet you with a big smile and friendly “hello” on your way in! I have not encountered a dissatisfied customer in my young, yet distinguished life. Not only is it a prime destination for crustaceans, you can bring some pals around and watch the lobsters swim around in their tank! If that’s not your idea of fun on a Friday night, you need to consider a change in lifestyle. So please  #SupportYourLocalBuisness and check it out!

2.) Seabird Coffee

“The best coffee in town” said some pedestrian I’ve never met. That should say it all as they were an obvious coffee expert. If some random person feels so strongly about her cup of coffee that she must exclaim how marvelous the coffee is, than the seabird must being “brewing” something right (Sea what I did there?) For all consumers of the Columbian bean  out there, you need to give Seabird Coffee a try. It’s located downtown across from the Coldwell-Banker building where you cannot miss the sign that hangs outside the café. Maybe Dunkin Donuts is not the best coffee you have ever had, Or maybe it is, but you wont know until you visit Seabird Coffee. If you are like myself and hate coffee, they have other options such as freshly baked goods, pastries that come from Hyannis, and “Front Porch Pies” baked fresh out of Scituate. All their options are absolutely delicious but above all else, Seabird Coffee offers free Wi-Fi! So ditch the Dunkin’ and give Seabird a try, because it is “The best coffee in town”.

1.) Outside Looking In

Convinced that Outside Looking In was an outdoor restaurant for the first sixteen years of my life, I was shocked to find what is essentially Cohasset REI. Outside Looking In is located adjacent to Atlantic Bagel downtown. If you are a human being who dislikes hibernation, I highly recommend stopping by “Outside Looking In”. They offer everything from skiing essentials and biking equipment to hiking necessities. In addition, they also offer paddleboard and bike rentals. Your fame status will instantly increase exponentially if you bring a paddleboard to the beach with your friends. Just picture it, everybody will want a turn! Also, if you enjoy “bumping” to some tunes, or if you have a pulse, Outside Looking In offers speakers designed specifically for paddleboards and bikes. This is a true example of modern technological advances that you could be the first to own. It doesn’t stop there.  They offer contemporary clothing such as boots, winter jackets, winter hats,baseball caps, hammocks, and so much more.  Keep your eyes peeled like bananas for special offers, such as 25% off assorted clearance items on top of their already low prices. My aspiration is that the next time I am in the vicinity of “Outside Looking In”, there will be an abundance of patrons satisfying their personal extracurricular needs.