A Year in Review: Highlights of 2017 at CMHS

Ethan Bartucca, Sophomore Contributor

It has been nearly four months since the advent of the new school year, so why not have a look back at some of the best moments yet?

With a new group of seniors, this year got off to a hot start with an early Spirit Week, filled with absurd costumes and a lot of fun leading up to the homecoming football game and later the dance. The highlight of the dance found the Field Hockey team ousting Girls Soccer in their 2nd annual dance-off.

Continuing to October, the Boys Soccer team was still hot flaunting an undefeated record all the way until October 30 when they fell to Duxbury in their last regular season game (See more from their playoff run here).

November zoomed by and soon enough it was Thanksgiving break, onsetting new beginnings as the new semester and winter sports began. December has been a doozy, as teachers began to pack the workload approaching the new year, and numerous events took place. The chorus and band tour spread holiday cheer as students bridged the gap between old and young performing at Sunrise Senior Living and the elementary schools. All 0f the winter sports have gotten off to strong starts, with nearly all of the teams starting undefeated at the time this article was written. The week ended with festive sweater day and the school as a whole looks forward to picking up where they left off in the new year.