Expectations of 8th Graders

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Expectations of 8th Graders

Bridget Burke, Junior Contributor

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As the 8th graders prepare for high school they elaborate on their expectations of teachers, sports, and the overall experience. The first 8th grader in this series is Ryan Lynch.

1. What are your feelings about going into high school next year?

A: I’m not that nervous for high school at all. I think that my siblings will tell me about it and I’ll be fine.

2. Are you nervous about joining any high school sports teams?

A: I feel more anxious than nervous, because I feel that high school sports will be 100 times more better then the past years of sports. I am excited for the next four years of sports and anxious to get started.

3. Are there any teachers you’re excited to have?

A: Not any In particular, but I’m sure that they will all be good!

4. Do you think highschool is going to be any harder than middle school?

A: I guarantee that it will be much harder than middle school, but I feel that I will adjust to it fast with help from my sister that’s in the high school  and teachers.

5. What’s one thing you can’t go to school without (not school related)?

A: If I were to choose anything it would be my phone.