New Finals Schedule!

After the floating rumors and hints from teachers, the new Final Exam schedule is here! Never have students been excited about taking finals, but this makes it somewhat enjoyable.

  The final days of the first semester will be solely for final tests, projects, essays or however each teacher chooses to spend the time. Wednesday 1/24 through Friday 1/26 will all be early release days, with a final in what is usually the first block, an hour in between which will accompany break and a utility period, and the second final of the day from 10:00 to 11:40. The second semester begins the following Monday. I believe this is beneficial to students because it reduces the disorganization which can be felt with previous years’ schedule, and it is also more correspondent to how a college exam schedule might look. Say goodbye to the chaotic system of past years and hello to your new Final Exam Schedule!