Must Tries at the Lunch Line


Ian Turpel, Junior Contributor

The school cafeteria offers a variety of different snack/lunch options, some of which us students may not have even recognized. This is because most students, like myself, have a predetermined idea of what they want to eat for lunch. After repetitively eating the same sub for the past year and a half, I believed that I needed to expand out of my comfort zone and try some new lunches. After some investigative work, I have come up with a list of my favorite break and lunch options that I highly recommend everyone tries.


Cinnamon Roll

Nutritionists claim that breakfast is the most important part of the day. A lot of kids simply take this statement for granted, as they tend to wait until 12:12 to finally get some food inside their bellies. If you are one of these kids, why not go buy yourself a cinnamon roll at 9:00? Maybe not the healthiest of options, but definitely a viable meal replacement option to start your day off on the right foot. Plus, who doesn’t like cinnamon rolls drizzled in sweet vanilla frosting? I sure can’t think of anyone. Next time you miss breakfast, or even need a pick-me-up during break, go get yourself a cinnamon roll.


Taco Bowl w/ Toppings

No, I did not mistype! There are taco bowls!. Every month or so, Cohasset High School offers a taco bowl entree with a whole array of toppings to choose from that you can apply yourself. Some of the toppings  include fresh lettuce, tomatoes, salsa and cheese. The image of a taco bowl with fresh, warm beef gets my mouth watering. Alongside the taco comes steamed rice, which complements the taco bowl perfectly. If you are worrying about the nutritional value, the taco bowl is only 338 calories, while the rice is at 54 calories. Those might sound like big numbers, yet in reality, according to, a women should intake roughly 450-500 calories during their lunch, and males should have anywhere from 600-650. So now we face the question of “Are we not having enough calories?” Lucky for us, the Taco Bowl also comes with celery sticks and pears. Not only are you receiving a combined 120 more calories, you are completing more of the food pyramid. Yes, you might be having some 7th grade flashbacks to the food pyramid health section, but it never goes away. This meal also comes with a choice of milk, juice, or bottled water to quench your thirst needs. Be on the lookout for Taco Bowls in the future, as it is a must try.

General Tso’s Chicken

More than likely you are not reading this and you are just scrolling through the article looking at the bold words and the pictures. In the event you are actually taking time to read this, I thank you. However, I strongly suggest you  take a look at the picture of General Tso’s Chicken I have provided. If you are not convinced that that is not the best looking chicken you have ever seen, I would love to have a heated debate with you. And in the event you are not convinced it is overwhelmingly scrumptious as I am presenting it to be, I dare you to give it a try. Furthermore, if the chicken is not enough for you, then your in luck. The chicken comes with steamed rice, pineapple chunks, and fortune cookie. What doesn’t scream Chinese Restaurant more than General Tso’s Chicken, rice and a fortune cookie. Conclusion of this review, go get some General Tso’s Chicken.

Buffalo Chicken Sub (Personal Favorite)

I could spend days speaking highly of the entree options, but I want this list to be only the best of the best, in which I’ll move on to the sub line. I feel like I am at subway every time I step into the sub line with the amount of options they have. The sub line first offers three meat bases: Teriyaki Chicken, Barbecue Chicken, and Buffalo Chicken. From there the options are endless. You can choose from lettuce, american or provolone cheese, pickles, onions, roast beef, salami, bacon, capers, the list is practically endless. The women behind the counter are constantly updating the display of choices to keep everything fresh. My two favorite combos: Buffalo Chicken with lettuce, pickles and salami, and Buffalo Chicken with cheese and hot sauce. My best advice: Go wild. Come up with your own unique creations. If that was not enough to convince you, your sub also comes Cape Cod Original Chips, and a water, for no additional cost. Thats right, if you buy a sub for $2.50 you will receive a bag of Cape Cod Chips and a water ABSOLUTELY FREE. What is better than free food? Absolutely nothing. Go on and treat yourself a fresh sub.


There you have it. My personal three favorite meals and favorite break item. Hopefully you give all these a try, and maybe try your own entrees. This list is subjective, so you may not like all the options I have provided. However, I hope I sparked some curiosity and motivation to go try some new food.