School Clocks

Courtney Shanley, Junior Contributor


As many students have noticed the clocks in the school have been 2 minutes fast, which doesn’t seem like an abundant amount of time, however it affects many students and their school experience. The Spinnaker Staff interviewed 25 different students and the result was quite interesting. We asked four different questions, question one was “have you noticed the difference in time due to the clocks in the school?” out of the 25 students we interviewed all 25 said yes. The second question was “have you been late because of the change of about 2 minutes?” out of the 25 students we asked 20 of them said yes. We then followed up by asking “has this change of 2 minutes altered your school experience and the school’s atmosphere overall?” out of the 25 students we asked 22 said yes. The fourth and final question asked was “would you like the clocks to be changed?” out of the 25 students all of them said yes. Many students were quick to say that the clocks really impact their day since many of them have received detentions from being late even though they were technically early. Some students have also said that the line to get a tardy slip caused them to become even more late since the line is so long. After interviewing students, the Spinnaker Staff then interviewed some of the teachers of Cohasset High School. When interviewing the teachers, we decided to change the questions up a little bit, the first question was if he has noticed the clocks in the school being any different, the next question was if he or his students had been late because of the change in time, after that we asked  if he thought the change in time affected any student’s school experience and overall school atmosphere to, and finally we asked would you like it to be changed. We interviewed three teachers, Mr. Welch, Mr. Buckley, and finally Mr. Willis. After asking the first question, Willis, and Mr. Buckley both said they noticed the difference in the clocks, while Mr. Welch said he hadn’t. The next question was asked and they all said that they personally had not been late, however Mr. Welch and Mr. Buckley assume that many of their students have been because of the clocks, while Willis thinks that his students are no later than usual. Next, they were asked about how the clocks were affecting the school atmosphere, they all had somewhat different answers, Mr. Welch had that he personally did not think it altered anything, while Mr. Buckley said that he does think so because the school clocks and cell phone clocks are different, and finally Willis said that he didn’t really think of but students who push coming into school at the last minute definitely makes it harder to make it on time. The final question asked was if you could would you change the clocks, Mr. Buckley and Willis both said yes, they would like to change it, while Mr. Welch said that he wouldn’t like to change it. After gathering information, and interviewing the students and teachers of Cohasset High School, the Spinnaker Staff decided to interview Principal Connolly. Mrs. Connolly was asked the same question as the teachers and her answers were very informative. Mrs. Connolly said that she did notice the change in time due to the clocks in the school, she was then asked if she had been late or if she noticed the students had been late and she said she personally has no been late but the tardiness of the students compared to the years preceding have been no different. The next question was if she thinks the clocks altered the school’s atmosphere or experience overall and she replied saying how she did not think it did, and how she wished students would make the necessary adjustments to ensure being on time to school. After that she was asked if she would like to change the clocks, Mrs. Connolly said that yes she does, it is exactly her New Year’s Resolution, however it is outside her power, so she can’t. The final question was why hasn’t there been an announcement yet, Mrs. Connolly replied saying how she thinks that students should have made the necessary changes and the school outlined in the handbook that school start at 7:30 school time not the time on your phone. Mrs. Connolly was asked if she liked to add anything not covered, and she wanted to add that she has tried to think of many solutions to this problem like even getting rid of the bells all together but none of her solutions were logical enough. Mrs. Connolly also wanted to add that the administration has held the attendance multiple times until 7:35, and the main issue is that once the teachers take attendance on ipass they can’t change it. Overall, through the interviews between, the students, some teachers, and finally the administration there is a disconnect between the two.


Update: Since the publishing of this article the school clocks have since been changed and corrected. The Spinnaker Staff will soon publish a sequel to this article, describing the changes that these time change has caused. It will also talk about whether tardiness has increased or decreased since the clocks have been changed. Thank you!