New Teacher Interview: Mr.Turner

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New Teacher Interview: Mr.Turner

Caroline McManus and Bridget Osten

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  • What was your first thought about the students when teaching your first day at cohasset High?

“Very typical I expected them to be different, the community is so different so I assumed that you would be a lot different than the kids I taught before.”

  • What is the biggest difference about teaching here compared to New York?

“ There is no exam (mcas in social studies) they had to prepare students for big exam, they had all year classes that were 40 minutes”

  • How is the teacher social life here?

“Everyone is incredibly helpful and generous especially with sharing notes and lesson plans”

  • What was the hardest adjustment to make coming to this school?

“Moved from out of states, moving to a suburban area coming from a very rural area.”

  • What is your style of teaching? (ex. Thoughts on tests/quizzes,projects/Papers)

“I Try to cater to all students needs and try not to rely on one students need but everyone’s. Mix things up so students don’t get a disadvantage. Everyone has an opportunity to do well.”

  • What is your favorite topic to teach and why?

“Politics because I feel that high school students are not likely to be involved in the political process,i feel it’s my duty to help students to have a voice in choosing their leaders.”

  • What’s your goal for every student you teach?

“Every student can be successful and the every student can take one step towards becoming a better learner. By taking my class they will become more interested in learning”

  • Is there anything about the school you don’t like?

“The tiles keep popping up on the floor, the school is also 150 degrees in the fall and about negative 5 degrees in the winter”

  • What was an average day at your old school and now at cohasset?

“My old school was a 3 ring circus, teaching both special ed and social studies which consisted of 6 classes a day and was very busy. At cohasset I have far more time to work with students outside of class and not as many different subjects to teach.”

  • What do you want to accomplish as a teacher at cohasset?

“One thing I would like to accomplish is making an elective about environmental history and how we can use and protect our resources.”