Top 5 Irish Treats for your St. Patty’s Day Party

St. Patricks Day is a holiday celebrated in the United States that originates from the birth of St. Patrick of Ireland. It is a holiday that is heavily celebrated in the city of Boston and surrounding area due to the large amount of irish immigrants who ventured here long ago. If you are to attend or throw a St. Patrick’s Day party, here are some phenomenal meals you can bring along for everyone to enjoy!


Shepards Pie   

Contrary to its name, this delicious treat is not actually a Shepherd in a pie. Rather, it is a mix of mashed potatoes, a dab of cheddar cheese on top, with a meaty base everything’s thrown on top of. It is a splendid delicacy anyone can make and is perfect for your St Patty’s day party.


Irish Soda Bread

The name of this snack may confuse some readers. You DO NOT need soda for this bread! Rather, the ingredients required are what one would use to make a regular loaf of soda bread, along with raisins if that’s your call and some grated cheese to top it off.



Potatoes are a fascinating food. It has a plethora of purposes for all of your St. Patrick’s Day parties and celebrations. One may eat the potato raw straight out of the ground if their culinary skills are below average. Or if one is trained in the art of cooking, they can cook up some mashed potatoes for the whole team! All you need is a bowl, your freshly picked potatoes, salt, pepper, cream, butter and milk. Mixing all of these together and throwing them in the oven will certainly grant you a pat on the back from all your friends during the festivities!


Cabbage is similar to potatoes as it can utilized in various ways. Some may enjoy chowing down on a head of cabbage while others may follow a more complex path by making a meal of it. A personal favorite of mine is shredding cabbage and mixing it with pepper, salt and butter. When all your cabbage is shredded you can put it in little baggies and hand it out at your St. Patricks Day party for everyone to enjoy!

Corned Beef

A true St. Patricks Day classic is turning the average slab of meat into a delicious corned beef for all. If you are to follow the true corn beef process, you need a few pounds of beef from your local butcher. Once you have obtained a substantial amount of beef (preferably 10-15 pounds of beef), you trinkle a wee bit of salt upon your product. Now you toss it into the oven and wait for it to cook. Once cooked, you take out your beef slab and slice it up. Personally, I recommend bay leafs and perhaps some pepper if you’re feeling bold. Now you can serve your 15 pounds of corned beef for everyone to enjoy!