Expectations of 8th graders pt. 3

As the 8th graders prepare for high school they elaborate on their expectations of teachers, sports, and the overall experience. The third 8th grader in this series is Bridget Mahoney.

1.What are your feelings about going into high school next year?

I’m excited for high school and I’m looking forward to it.

2. Are you nervous about joining any high school sports teams?

I’m not nervous because I’ve witnessed the support on cohasset sports teams and can’t wait to be a part of it.

3. Are there any teachers you’re excited to have?

There aren’t any specific teachers that I’m excited about yet.

4. Do you think highschool is going to be any harder than middle school?

Yes I do think high school will be harder because there’s more pressure to be thinking about your future.

5. What’s one thing you can’t go to school without (not school related)?

I usually need my phone.