Helpful Hints for Upcoming Freshman

Bridget Burke, Junior Editor

Making the transition from Middle school into High school can be very challenging. There is what seems like a million new faces, the work gets piled on, and now there is more pressure to play sports and join clubs.

1.) Always keep your phone on “do not disturb”

Many students can support this. There is always that one kid whose phone goes on in the middle of a test and can’t turn it off because they will get accused of cheating if they reach into their backpack. Trust me you do not want to be that kid.

2.) Always bring a pair of headphones

Teachers tend to give you the occasional time to work on what you need. During this time the class can get very noisy or just awkward because no one is talking. The best solution is to just sit there listening to music and get some work done.

3.) Always use class time wisely

At the end of the term, I have heard many students complain that they are “wayyyyy too far behind” in a class and have to pull an all nighter in order to finish their work. I have definitely been there myself. To avoid this you HAVE to get your work done on time. In classes like Econ and Marine Science (normally sophomore classes) the teachers just give you a timeline of due dates and an abundance of class time to get all the work done. The amount of work these teachers give is very manageable, but a lot of students tend to take advantage of the class time. These kids are the ones that have to come to school with 0 hours of sleep the morning after the term ends.

4.) Actually do your homework

Homework is an easy thing to brush off and forget about, but it is one of the most vital things in high school. Getting your homework done is a huge grade booster and has personally saved my grade at least 5 times. Homework also helps sooooo much when you have tests and quizzes because you develop a deeper understanding of the topic and it resinates more with you.

5.) Choose your classes carefully

Don’t take classes just because they are “easy” or “will look good on college applications”. Take classes that you know you can do well in but also be challenged. Talk to teachers and students who have taken the classes previously.

6.) Don’t become consumed in colleges

High school is a time that can put a lot of pressure on kids and thinking about college and the future, just in general, is very stressful. There is always that one kid that seems as though they have everything figured out i.e they know where they wanna go to college and what they wanna study. The majority of high school seniors don’t even know if they are positive they want to go to a certain school that they did at the beginning of the year. Of course everything you do in high school somehow effects your college resume and such, but don’t let that manipulate your high school experience. Don’t take classes that are too hard and will damage your GPA unless you believe you can really work hard to get a decent grade. And finally, don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself to be a varsity athlete, join a bunch of clubs, and take all accelerated and APs.