MCAS Tricks and Tips!!!!!

David Finnegan, Junior Contributor

The MCAS test is a long, tedious and sometimes stressful process. It takes away crucial hours of your day and is quite frankly the worst sometimes. Do not worry! This piece will provide you with 5 crucial tips that will help you do the best you possibly can on the MCAS and how to deal with all the stress!


  1. Study!

Just as you would for any other test, studying for the MCAS is absolutely essential to maintaining good vibes. Start off by finding out what you are expected to know and gather your notes. I recommend making two sections of things you know very well and things you do not know quite as well. Try looking for notes and other materials that will help you get the best grade possible!


  1. Skip Over Tricky Questions and Come Back Later

There is no point in wasting your time trying to solve a question you have no idea what the answer is. If a question takes up a plethora of your test time, try saving it until you finish all the questions you do know the answer to! In doing this, you will use your test time more effectively and it may possibly come to you later when you go back to try and solve it.


  1. Never Leave a Question Blank!

There will be always be questions on the MCAS that trip you up a little. That applies to absolutely everyone. Some people may leave these tricky questions blank. Those people are fools who will never succeed. If you want to succeed and get the best score possible, take an educated guess! By taking an educated guess, you have a 25% chance of getting the question right rather than a 0% chance by leaving it blank. You are setting yourself up for success.


  1. Always Put Your Best Effort Into Open Responses!

Open Responses can really be a hassle sometimes! They require 100% brain power!!! When answering an open response, always try to use all the space provided in order to answer the question fully and with maximum proficiency. As long as you address all the points required, you should be fine. Another mini-suggestion is doing these before the multiple choice. This will get rid of the tough stuff first so you can go on cruise control for the rest of your test!


  1. Believe In Yourself!!!!!!!!!!!

Believing in yourself is the most important part of the MCAS. If you have no confidence in your ability to complete this test successfully, you will be a failure not only on this test but for the rest of your life. Be confident in the material you studied and the answers you provided and you will have stellar results! “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” -KG