Must Tries at the Lunch Line (Part 2)


David FInnegan, Junior Contributor


Cohasset High Schools lunch cuisine is arguably world class.  We are offered a plethora of meals on the daily and there are a variety of treats you can add in. The Meal of the Week is the Hot dog, Fries, and Beans. This meal will be thoroughly examined and every aspect of this #MustTryAtTheLunchLine will be gone over.


Hot Dog

A true American classic; the “Hot Dog”. The name has confused many for decades and to confirm; this is not dog meat. As a matter of fact, “Hot Dogs” are simply a meat stick. Their primary ingredient is beef. The hot dogs provided have a nice and tasty whole grain bun in order to keep those calories down! Whoever is lucky enough to consume one of these delicious treats will have a choice of various sauces to top off their meal with. They have the option of some tomato sauce, mustard or sweet and sour. The usual combo is to have some tomato sauce and mustard to maximize the flavoring of your delicacy. However, one may decide to be a game changer and use all three!!!! The photo attached depicts the traditional combo of some tomato juice and mustard.



These are not your normal fries let me tell you that! These are not your ordinary french fries you might encounter. These are some “Curly Fries”. Some may also know these as “Twisty Fries” or “Python Potatoes”. Fries are generally made by slicing up some potatoes and frying them, henceforth the name of “fries”. Eating your Twisty Fries will certainly lead to some jealous looks from your friends who bring their own lunch to school!!! Fries are the supreme #2 choice for your meal due to their nutritious value. I would strongly advice one to dabble some sauce onto their tray for dipping purposes. Doing so will enhance your meal 100%. I will swear my life on that!!!!



Beans are a part of the human diet as far back as Ancient Egypt when they were building the pyramids!!! Beans have adapted to our society today though and are an excellent source of nutrition and energy. The beans sold at our educational establishment also come with some sauce. These beans may appear a little worrisome at first, but if one looks beyond that, they will find enlightenment. If one wishes to discover their primitive origins, they may wish to eat their beans by hand. However, I would recommend for one to utilize a spoon or a fork in order to achieve maximum bean consumption. Beans are completely healthy for you and they will instantly make you a better person, physically and mentally, through their nutritious wonders.



Overall, I would rate this lunch order a solid 8/10. Hot dog, fries and beans are a solid squad as one. They balance your lunches nutritional value out completely. Personally, I would like to see a vegetable added to this lunch in order to achieve all standards obliging to the nutrition pyramid. A head of lettuce or some celery sticks would likely seal the deal for me and bring the rating up to a 10. If you want to become a better human being, definitely try out the hot dog, fries and beans combo!!!