Must Tries at the Lunch Line (Part 3)


David Finnegan, Editor

  We return to this immersive series with yet another meal for you to consume during your lunch. This weeks edition is the classic Pizza and cookies. We will proceed to examine this meal as thoroughly as possible and deliver to you a run down of the positives and negatives of this delicious serving, courtesy of our fantastic lunch staff.   The Pizza  Pizza originated in Ancient Rome. It has continued for thousands of years since and has become a cornerstone of American-Italian culture. The pizza served in our Lunch establishment contains a few crucial ingredients that have been prevalent ingredients that have been in pizza since its inception. Our pizza starts of with a base of low-fat, whole wheat bread that originates from the plains of Oklahoma. On top of that, we have a special tomato sauce. This sauce is special because our tomatoes are grown in the most fertile soil in all of Florida. This adds to our school Pizzas exquisite taste! The tomato bread is topped off with cheese that derives from the rarest of goats in the lands and is a fantastic topping to this delicious treat. Our pizza is well rounded in not only the school, but also the nation as possibly the best Pizza in every American high school.   The Cookies The cookies are unfortunately bagged which means they are not made with the heart. Rather, they are made by a machine that spews out thousands of cookies a day. It is the sad reality of our industrial complex dealing with the rising population and inevitable War of Resources. These cookies are chocolate chip though so for anyone with allergies, please stay safe!!!   Summary This was a fairly solid lunch but my personal rating would be a 7.5/10. This is due to the fact the cookies are made purely for profit and not made with the love of the culinary arts. The pizza though was excellent and if the cookies were better, this meal would clock in an easy 9/10 10/10.  The food triangle was addressed fairly well as you are getting you are getting 4/6 of the triangles requirements (oils, dairy, wheat and vegetables).