Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass Released


Ian Turpel, Junior Editor


The video game that has seemingly taken the world by storm has released a new season with all new skins and dances to unlock, and plenty of more challenges to complete, as well as an updated map. Let’s deconstruct everything that Epic Games has added to this gaming masterpiece it already is.




The much-anticipated altercation of the map from season 3 has finally become a reality. First, Dusty Depot seemingly was struck by a meteor and has turned into “Dusty Diviot”. The newly bizarre section of the map is now deep into the ground with a redesigned building and increased loot. There’s also a newer, smaller area located north of Wailing Woods named “Risky Reels”, which also features an indent in the ground hit by a meteor. Finally, Moisty Mire added a new movie theater type thing.




For Season 4, Epic decided to make the battle pass Superhero themed. None of these superheroes are real superheroes based off of Marvel or DC characters per se, but rather made up heroes created by the developers. Some of the heroes include the BattleHawk and Carbide, which you can receive upon purchasing the battle pass, and the Omega skin, which you can unlock by reaching the end of the tiers the battle pass offers.




New unlockables in the Battle Pass include new cultural dances, including one called “Hype”. You can also unlock new “Emotes” and earn more rewards in this upcoming season.