An Evening with Chris Herren


Ian Turpel, Junior Editor

Tonight, students and their families are invited to the Cohasset High School auditorium to listen in on the life of Chris Herren, a former NBA basketball player who recovered from extensive drug use. There, he will discuss his path to the NBA, and how quickly it was destroyed through the use of drugs.

Herren was drafted 33rd overall out of Fresno State to the Denver Nuggets and was traded to the Boston Celtics a year later. Herren played from 1999-2001 in the NBA before a stint overseas.

Up until 2011, Herren has been convicted of seven drug-related felonies. During his time with the Celtics, Herren was charged with the use of painkilling drugs, such as Oxycontin and Percocet, for recreational use. One day in Fall River, Herren overdosed on heroin and crashed into a utility pole. Paramedics claimed he was dead for roughly 30 seconds before being revived.

Herren has been drug-free since 2008. On top of this, he started a non-profit organization called Project Purple. This project was launched in order to help break the scar of addiction, bring awareness to how dangerous substance abuse is, and encourage others to navigate life’s challenges by making positive decisions. Similarly, he created the Herren Project, which was designed to raise awareness to the dangers of drugs and provide steps to navigate out of addiction.

Come tonight at 7:00 to listen to Chris Herren’s story, and how it can affect your life so you can continue to make good decisions.