Cohasset Votes No for the New Town Hall


Courtney Shanley, Junior Contributor

After the town election to address the issue of the new town hall’s budget was unsuccessful, the townspeople voted not to rebuild the town hall. The budget of the new town hall would be around $12.5 million and the residents of Cohasset would have $160 added to their tax bill each year for a twenty year period. There was a shocking amount of voters relative to the previous votings. The members of the town committee and the committee for this project all want to see this project happen because the town hall is falling apart and another year of storms like the past years could lead to an utter destruction of it all together. The committee for this project now has to go back to the drawing board to see if they can save their project, a project which the committee has spent an extravagant amount of time on already This attempt to rebuild the town hall has been the third attempt in the past ten years.