The Kissing Booth Review

Bridget Osten, Junior Contributor

The newly released must-see movie, The Kissing Booth, which was released on May 11, 2018, can now be viewed on Netflix. It received a 4/5 rating on rotten tomatoes and has drawn thousands of viewers.

PLOT: The main character, Elle, is best friends with Lee. Lee has an older brother who is off limits, in which he stated in their friendship rules. However, Elle has had a crush on Noah, the older brother, since she was little. Ella and Lee attend a school carnival, where they come up with the idea of making a kissing booth to raise money. In this kissing booth, Elle kissed Noah and then they start to fall for one another. Lee later finds out and is furious with both Elle and Noah…. and then some.

Personal Rating: 4/5; The storyline was cute but also extremely predictable. Would absolutely recommend it to anyone to watch it at least once!