Fencing Superstar in the Community

The Spinnaker picked up an opportunity to interview local fencing sensation Isley Wilson. The fight to the top has not been an easy one though. Isley has had to put in a substantial amount of hard work in her fencing career and has learned to never give up. She has an incredible story of dedication deserves to be shared with everyone.

Isley was inspired by her brother in her early years to pursue a career in fencing. He was the one who first got her interested in the sport that she has dominated ever since. Although he has since left the sport, she has continued to thrive in it. As a matter of fact, she is competing in an upcoming National Championship that is being held in St. Louis, Missouri! However, coming this far was not easy by any means.

Isley said she has “definitely” faced challenges in her fencing career. As she gained ore experienced in the sport, she became more calm when she was competing and this has contributed to her success. Her advice is to “believe in yourself”. Believing in yourself is key to success. This is the advice that has powered generations of athletes. Believing in yourself will always lead to success.

Isley has high aspirations for fencing as well. She hopes to one day reach the acme of athletic competition; The Olympic Games. And on top of all of this, she is humble. Isley wishes to one day become a fencing coach herself and to inspire young girls across the world to begin competing in the a sport that currently has only a small percentage of women compared to men.

Isley has many people to thank for her success. Her coaches, Moe Fencing Club, Dynamo Fencing Center, her parents, and of course her family. These people have all helped her reach where she is today and have played a pivotal role in her development as a fencing superstar.

We greatly appreciate Isley giving us the time for an interview and wish her the best in her fencing career and in the National Championship in Missouri!!!!!!