Senior Election Preview

Senior Election Preview

Ian Turpel, Junior Contributor

With student council election day on the horizon, I felt inclined to prepare a preview. This years group of running candidates are quite interesting, As some previous council members intend on returning for another term, while others are attempting to become the newest face on the panel. This article will be strictly a rising senior preview. However, the spinnaker staff intends on previewing the rising junior and sophomore classes as well.


In this upcoming election, there are six possible positions that students can run for: Student Council President, Senior President, Vice President, Treasury, Secretary, and Tech Representative. Here is the list of students that will be running for these positions, along with my very own odds to win.


After you read, make sure to check out the notes at the bottom for some important information.


Student Council President


Jane Cavanaro: Jane has been the president of the class of 2019 throughout all of high school, and she will be running unopposed.

Odds: 1/1 (100%).




Scott Lucitt: Scott is no stranger to the student council, as he has been the 2019 class secretary since he was a freshman. He looks to use his past experience to assist him in becoming the senior class president.

Odds 3/2 (60%).


Maeve Humphrey: Maeve only has one year of student council experience, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue, as she is going right into running for the senior class president. This could be a very interesting matchup to watch, and very well could be decided by who performs a more applauded speech.

Odds 2/3 (40%).


Vice President


David Finnegan: Finnegan is on a comeback tour. After taking a hiatus to Shrewsbury Middle-High School, David came back in the 10th grade to win the presidential election. However, Finnegan was impeached later that year for undisclosed reasons the Spinnaker will not be releasing. He was then eligible to run as a junior, where his speech captivated the whole crowd. It seemed as if he had the presidency locked up, but Jane ended up being victorious. Or that is at least what “they” want the public to think. There is still an ongoing scandal about whether or not last years election was rigged. Despite all controversy, fellow Spinnaker member Finnegan looks to finally put the past in the past, and get on the student council to stay.

Odds 7/3 (70%).


Mia Macgregor: Macgregor comes into this as the overwhelming underdog, despite being the current VP. That’s not to say she cannot pull it off. However, if Finnegan’s speech resembles anything of what it did last year, there will simply be no contest. In essence, David has been defeated before, with an incredible speech, so what do I know.

Odds 3/7 (30%).




A note before I continue: the three treasurer candidates are all new candidates all with a similar amount of recognition among the student body. I decided that because I have nothing to base my odds off of, I will give each candidate 2/1 odds, or a 33% chance of winning.


Nathan Arnold: Actor, fun loving Arnold is deciding to take his talents to the podium this Thursday for a chance to be the Senior Class Treasurer. Arnold has no student council experience, but he sure thinks he’s eligible to handle the treasury position.


Lauren Scott: One of the oldest students in the senior class, Lauren is looking to make the upcoming senior year “the best year possible”. Lauren is generally well liked by the majority of the student body, so this could help come voting time.


Maggie Lucier: Similar to Nathan and Lauren, Maggie has no previous experience with student council. Thursday is really going to prove crucial to all three candidates considering this is a whole new group of electives. This will be an interesting race to watch, as there is no clear-cut favorite or underdog.




John Keenan: “Jonald Trump” ran for this same position last year, but came up ever so short. John looks to revise his agenda, and try and gain more support from his fellow classmates. However, John comes into this as arguably the most controversial candidate, which does not help his chances. He does have enormous potential for an overwhelming speech that could sway the voters. Consider him an underdog.

Odds: 5/2 (28.6%)


Jenna Herman: This is Jenna’s first year running for any student council position, but lucky for her, her opponents also do not have any student council experience. You could very well see Jenna Herman being the senior president next year.

Odds: 2/1 (33.3%)


Nick Evans: After being crowned champion of Mr. Skipper, and living out his lifelong dream of playing drums onstage with The Killers, Evans looks to continue his momentum of historic achievements by being named Senior Class Secretary. Consider Evans the favorite.

Odds: 13/8 (38.1%)


Tech Representative


Matt Lucitt: Lucitt is the only tech representative I know off, but this is subject to change. As of now, Matt has the Tech Rep spot locked up.

Odds: 1/1 (100%).


Notes: These lists are subject to change. I am simply making this list based off of word of mouth from people in student council. We won’t know for sure how accurate this list is until Thursday, but for now, it’s a decent representation and preview of what Thursday will look like. If you know of any changes, please email [email protected].


Also, the odds are none other than my own subjective odds, putting weight on past experience and general popularity of the candidates among voters. The odds are not supposed to portray any candidate in a negative light. If you are unsatisfied with any of my odds, please feel free to either approach me personally, email [email protected], or just ignore it and understand I can be an idiot at times and generally have no idea what I am talking about.