Election Results!


Ian Turpel, Junior Contributor

The rising Senior Election results are in! Because I did a summary of each candidate on the preview, this will just be a running list of all the winners, as well as an interview with one of the non-victorious candidates.


Student Council President: Jane Cavanaro


President: Scott Lucitt

Vice President: David Finnegan

Treasury: Maggie Lucier

Secretary: Jenna Herman


The Spinnaker caught up with John Keenan, who was willing to talk about his defeat. We asked John how he is handling the loss, despite having only roughly an hour to react to it.

“I may have lost,” John said, “but like a phoenix, the anti-lurk bloc shall rise from the ashes and enter the Gods Kingdom”.

John also plans to continue being an essential part of Troop 28, the local boy scout troop.